Antique Furniture and Pieces


Don’t you love visiting show homes? I really enjoy it. Unfortunately I tend to be disappointed by the “soul less” approach by the builders/decorators. In my opinion, the main goal of a show home is to be memorable. They all start looking the same after an afternoon of tours and very few stand out. I realize that budgets are small, but what about using second hand items?

There are so many junk shops, Goodwill stores, and antique and collectable places. I recently visited one in Stony Plain called One Man’s Treasure. It is a wonderful place filled with collectables and nostalgic items.


Why not add a few of these pieces here and there to give the homes a bit more of a unique and memorable quality. Just a few pieces of furniture and accessories used sparingly are all you need.


Our office is a place we all love to come to because of its fun and casual approach. Our office is mostly new, but we have a few items that are vintage. When people visit, these items are always noticed and commented about. I believe it makes our office memorable. What do you think?



- Tammy MacKay


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