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Father's Day: Bookworm Dad

Where to take your Book Worm Dad on Father’s Day

Take your Pop to the AGA! From March 29th to August 17th the Art Gallery of Alberta is featuring an exhibit called: High Adventure: Byron Harmon on the Columbia Icefield, 1924.

In 1924, Byron Harmon an Albertan artist took some of the first significant photographs and film footage of the Columbia Icefields. This is now especially important and interesting as this national treasure is melting and looks different as time progresses.

If your Dad is a big Star Wars fan it might be worth your while to hold out a week. From June 20th to 22nd, the Lego Store at Southgate Mall is holding their one year anniversary and building an 8’ R2D2 out of Lego blocks. You even get a certificate of achievement for participating. Bring out your Dad’s inner child… who can resist building and posing for a picture with a 8’ Lego R2D2?? No one…

What to eat with your Book Worm Dad on Father’s Day This is almost another what to do with your Dad but you should take your bookworm Dad to the Jubilations Dinner Theatre. The British Invasion is playing, its tag is “British Rock Royalty”. Who doesn’t love the Beatles and Rolling Stones to name a few? Check out the cleverly named menu items, they are sure to please.

What to get your Book Worm Dad on Father’s Day That bookworm Dad of yours has to get that fountain of useless information from somewhere right? Well if you can’t throw your Dad a bone on Father’s Day when can you? Pick up a copy of The Ultimate Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook. This book is the perfect How-To guide for literally every life situation, plausible or not, its absolutely hilarious and informative… One or two might come in handy.

Happy Father’s Day All!

- Nicole

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