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Father's Day: Handy Dad

What to do with your Handy Dad on Father’s Day

This suggestion is an oldie, but definitely a goodie… You and your handy Dad should build a bird house. Put a dramatic spin on it though… no boxes with pitched roofs. My favorite bird house is this cute bird trailer. Get creative make a bird house of your favorite pastime with Dad! Bird tent maybe?

Photo Credit: Jumahl

What to eat with your Handy Dad on Father’s Day The food, wine and atmosphere is amazing at the Hardware Grill on the corner of 97th Street & Jasper Avenue. The back story is just too perfect to pass up! This restaurant was once a hardware store that opened up in the 1930’s and in 1996 turned fine dining restaurant. See how good your handy Dad can clean up and get him out on the town!

Source: Hardware Grill

What to get your Handy Dad on Father’s Day I have gotten this tip from by far the most handy Dad I know… So I assure you it’s a gooder! Any Handy Dad could use this tool. The Dewalt 18 V cordless brad nailer. Pesky cords be gone, you can nail anywhere with this cordless wonder.

Source: Home Depot

Even if your Dad isn’t a Hipster, a Bookworm, Sporty, or Handy the most important thing is quality time so if none of these things appeal to your Dad, I’m sure he would just be happy hanging out.

In loving memory of Robert “Howdy” Braithwaite. Happy father’s day to all the Cowboy dads out there!

Happy Father’s Day All!

- Nicole

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