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What do Interior Designers do anyway?

Hi my name is Kelsey, I am the newest member of the Design Eye team. I took the two year Interior Design program at Nait, and I recently graduated in April. I have been working at Design Eye for two months now, and I absolutely love it. My inspiration for wanting to become an interior designer was my cousin Kim, also a designer at Design Eye. I was always fascinated in what she was doing, and over the years my interest grew towards interior design. I constantly found myself changing my room around, and re-decorating. I know that’s not what interior design is all about, but at that age I’m pretty sure my Dad wouldn’t have asked me to draw up the furniture plan and specify the lighting for my room. I was twelve at this point, and I wanted pink carpets with lime green walls. Fortunately I grew up, and so did my taste. I’ve known since I was around that age that this is what I’ve wanted to do.

What my friends think I do..

What my dad thinks I do..

What I think I do..

What I actually do..

Interior design is much more than what you see on HGTV. Unfortunately TV shows have skewed people’s perception of what an Interior Designer does, and the process of creating interiors. The process of interior design can vary depending on the size of the project, and what the clients’ expectations are for the space. The average project can involve anything from client meetings, selecting finishes to developing an intricate set of construction drawings. These drawings typically consist of a series of plans including demo, construction, reflected ceiling, furniture / electrical, finish, and millwork elevations. No two days are ever the same, and I juggle several projects at a time. A day may consist of several client meetings, working drawings, or picking finishes. But everyday consists of lots of coffee! As a newbie I look forward to seeing my designs come alive, and my clients ecstatic with their spaces.

-Kelsey Hill

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