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Christine’s Sexy 6 — Just in time for Valentine’s Day

Design is sexy. At least I think so. I’m well known in our office for seeing a product and saying “wow, that’s one sexy light...chair...tile…” How can these items be sexy you may ask. Well, let me tell you! It may be the lines of a piece of furniture or light fixture. It could be the material it’s made out of. Sometimes it’s the way it feels or the way it reflects the light. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite items and I’ll explain why I think that they are sexy! <3

1. Furniture

Let’s look at these furniture pieces...both sofas have great lines. One is low and sleek and upholstered in a plush velvet. The other has a great gentle outward curve and is upholstered in wool. Both are quite different in looks but equally fabulous and sexy!

left : Exclusif Sofa by Ligne Roset

Charolette Sofa by Montauk

On the other hand, these tables are hard materials; one cold rolled steel and the other bronze. But what they both have in common are those amazing curves! The Knoll coffee table is an absolute favorite of mine. And if you have a spare $50,000 it could be yours!

Right: Washington Corona Bronze Coffee Table by Knoll

Below: Frank Table by Montau

This conference table is sexy for soooo many reasons! Look at it

overall...just sexy!

Kai Table by Nucraft

Now look at the details, the slim wood top with the knife edge and that amazing industrial detail under the table top.

2. Faucets

Bathrooms can be one of the sexiest spaces in a home or office! But today I am going to focus on faucets. One of the hardest working items that definitely doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

Left: Hansa Faucet by Octopus Designs

Below Left: Sade Collection by Graff Faucets

Below Right: Allure Faucet by Grohe

3. Hardware

Go to a hardware store. Feel the cheap pulls and knobs; they're lightweight and often boring in style. Then look at and feel a better quality pull. It feels substantial and heavy. The material is nicer, smoother...sexier. These knobs and pulls look and feel great. The lines are stunning and the materials are to die for!!

Right: Hampton T-Knob in Amber Gold by CKP

Below: left: Waterhouse Pulls by Rejuvenation Centrer: Brass Hercules Door Lever by Emtek

Right: Strande Pull by Restoration Hardware

4. Lighting

One of the sexiest products out there! Not only does it look great and can really set a mood ;) These fixtures take sexy to a whole new level; whether it is in the material that is used, the organic way it is designed or the way it hides in the ceiling James Bond style.

Right: Mikado Pendant by Lambert & Fils

Below Left: Mute Pendant by Eureka Lighting

Below Right: Tweeter Recessed Trimless Directional Light by Delta Lights

5. Granite

Mother Nature always gets it right. She does sexy like no one else. I will let these photos of granite slabs speak for themselves.

6. Fabrics

The way a fabric looks and shimmers in the light and they it feels against your skin can really excite the senses. For this reason, fabric makes my top 6 sexy items.

The next time you are out shopping, take a good look at the products around you. Look at the way the light hits the material; is it reflective? Matte? Touch them—is the material soft, smooth, rough? Do you like the way the lines flow? You may find that you have a preference for angular or geometric forms. You may prefer organic and curvy shapes. But I guarantee you will start to see things in a different way. See the sexy in everything around you!!! Like my all time favorite fabric seen below.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

xo Christine

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