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Awakening of ST.Pines: The Heart of the Home


Black and red tile was the focal point of this modern rustic kitchen. I had a lipstick red sink to give it that extra something, although I am not sure what that something was. In isolation, I think it had some merit, but when putting it with the flat panelled linear fir cabinets, and the herringbone quarry tile floor, it was very misplaced.

Because we live in the country, there is a desire to design according to the environment you are in…however, because our home has a modern vibe, (Mid Century Modern which happens to be my personal favorite) there is a strong pull to keep it modern. ‘Modern Rustic’ to some would seem like an oxymoron, but I think we are quite successful at achieving this.

The home has wood everywhere. Wood walls, wood ceilings, wood cabinets and railings, and even wood countertops. There are planters and fireplaces in natural concrete. It is a beautiful collage of natural materials, so it seems likely to continue this, and put more natural materials in the spaces. I had considered a rain forest marble for the backsplash. Although I think it would have matched quite beautifully, it did not have the ‘feel’ that was looking for.

Rain Forest Marble

What I did end up choosing is a white retro looking tile. I was thrilled with the outcome and very glad of my decision to go more modern than rustic. What do you think?


At the same time, we decided to update our under cabinet lighting. It was a combination of an incandescent source and fluorescent. LED ribbon lighting was used. It provides a consistent lighting which is high in quality and low in energy consumption.

I replaced the black and red sink with a square profile Blanco stainless steel sink and chrome faucet. The red and black tile countertop was replaced with a Quartz product from Caesarstone that replicates Concrete. The product is far more durable and stain resistant than real concrete. I wanted it to flow with the rest of the concrete throughout the home. The kitchen feels almost feels like a new kitchen.


Looks like spring is here……moving onto outdoor projects…..


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