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Color Therapy

I started this blog post back in January… A part time desk job, full time mom job and side photography business venture really has a way of making time fly by.

I’ve recently been introduced to the world of ADULT COLORING. Yup… there are thousands of coloring books out there aimed towards adults. Some have lovely nature inspired themes, geometric patterns; some even have specific pop culture themes.

There are even some lovely alternatives to books out there. Such as DIY calendars, Color by number cards, or even witty activity books!

Working at a design firm that oozzes creativity also has it’s perks… I can now color myself!

The tricky part is finding time to color without four little hands around who want nothing more than to use all my crayons and markers! Let’s be real, they have their own… and I don’t need all of my crayons or markers getting destroyed.

Don’t have books or supplies? Don’t worry. You can still partake in some adult coloring, because they have an app for that; Many apps actually. I may have spent 2 hours one night lying in bed coloring on my smart phone.

It’s been proven that coloring is good for you. It can reduce stress and anxiety. Psychiatrists have even been prescribing coloring to patients for 100 years. So when you find yourself overworked and stressed out at the end of a long day grab some crayons or makers and create a masterpiece. Not sure what to do with your work of art when you’re finished? Why not repurpose that art into a gift card or wrapping paper.


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