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Mother's Day Gifts any Mom will LOVE

My husband asked me just last night, a mere 4 days prior, what I wanted to do for Mother’s Day. In case you’re unaware it is this Sunday, May the 8th. I wasn’t sure what I wanted when he asked. As a mom rarely do we think about what we want. So I’ve been putting some thought into this and wrote a list of things, as a mother, I would like to do or receive this Mother’s Day.

In true fashion the number one thing I wrote out on my list was when everyone else was happy. But that’s not the point of Mother’s Day. It’s a day to pay homage to all mothers who have continuously put their family first. This day is about making them the star. So I thought harder…

Free Time

Any mother out there would love to sleep in, take a long shower or bath, go for a haircut or spa treatment, and go shopping for herself. And Moms let’s make a promise not to buy your kids or husband anything if you are given a shopping opportunity this mother’s day! While we are at it let’s not feel guilty for leaving the kids alone with anyone, they got this, they will be fine.

Time Together

Yes we want some me time, but we also LOVE family time. But do all the planning and prepping for this time together. If it’s a picnic in the park, prep the food, pack the snacks and don’t forget the extra change of kid’s clothes or diapers for Jr. Just ask her to be present in the moment, you tend to the all the things she normally does.

Child Artwork

Yes I’m that mom. I adore the little crafts my kids bring home from day home or preschool. It may not look like much, or anything. But to us it’s a masterpiece. So encourage your kids to make a card, draw a picture, or help your little’s do a cute craft for mom. One of my favorite crafts I did with my son was a painted mason jar with a contrasting hand print; filled with artificial flowers in bold pops of colors. Need a fun way to display that art work?? Check out these cute ideas.

Mommy & Me Photos

I’m a sucker for family photos. We get them done every year, sometimes more than once. I’m also a photographer so my love for photos runs deep. But let’s make it all about mom here. Likely she’s normally the one taking the pictures, so flip it around and make her the star. Along with her biggest loves of course. I don’t know one single mom who doesn’t want photos of her kids. Book a session or take photos yourself it doesn’t matter.

Pretty Things

Flowers, Scarves, shoes, bags, jewelry, art and or decor. There are so many thoughtful ideas related to jewelry out there. Personalized necklaces that use your own handwriting. jewelry including family member’s birthstones. Lockets you can hand pick charms for to highlight mom’s interests. These ideas do require thought and time to order, four days before is NOT enough time. Lucky for me I insisted on a family necklace last year; and I wear it every day. Similar necklace here. Or how about a super cute wall clock, tailored to her personal interests? Check these clocks out from Etsy.

Find them here, here and here


We all need it; I sure hope we all enjoy it. Treat mom to something special. A brunch out, home cooked breakfast complete with her favorites, a fancy drink from her favorite coffee shop, homemade cookies, her favorite chocolate bar or candy. Throw anything my way I don’t have to cook or share and I’m happy.

Give this recipe a go this year! Yes, she's already seen it viral on facebook and yes, she's into it. ;)

So this Mother’s Day focus on that special woman in your life. May it be your mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend… do something special for her. Show her how much her efforts mean.

Oh… and Hugs and Kisses are a sure bet too.

- Tamra

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