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Home in Progress

Name: Kristen Bryant

Location: Oliver

Size: 620 square feet

Years lived in: 4 Months

My Style: Modern Eclectic

Favorite Element: The view! Art that changes every season! The roof top patio is a treat too.

Biggest Challenge: Renting. The finishes in the apartment are not quite our taste. Trying to find the gentle balance of buying furniture we'll love in a long term home but that's not totally disjointing from our current living situations finishes either.

Biggest Embarrassment: The closet… Previously I lived with my parents where I had a closet, an IKEA wardrobe, 6 drawer dresser, and a spare room closet for my off season clothes. Needless to say I became a bit of a fashion hoarder. Moving into a 1 bedroom apartment with my significant other and cat made storage a little difficult. So NATURALLY I claimed the entire walk in closet in the bedroom :D Slowly I am trying to shrink my wardrobe down to maintain an organized chaos...and maybe MAYBE one day share the closet.

Proudest Thrift: Okay I have 2 that I'm still giddy over! The mid century chest of drawers we recently acquired from Kijiji for a STEAL!! We paid $225 – you can’t get some IKEA dressers for that.

Secondly also from Kijiji is our updated mid century credenza that we are currently using as a tv stand. The gentleman we bought it refinished the wood and poured a concrete slab for the top.

Work in progress: Choosing art, or hanging what we currently have. A nail to the wall in an apartment or a big art purchase seem like such a commitment!

Neighborhood Gems: Eats - Japonais Bistro, Prairie Noodle, City Market (Loblaws). Drinks - Bru Coffee shop, Iconoclast Koffiehuis, Duchess Bakeshop. Shops - Blogger Amore, Red Ribbon boutique, Lux Beauty Boutique, Carbon

Best Advice: Picking up a wee little friend from spca can really warm up a space (literally!) :)

-Kristen Bryant

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